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Do's and Don'ts of Buying a Home

Don't get pre-qualified.


That means a full underwrite where your lender knows with confidence you can afford your price range.

DON’T  use your credit cards for

    excessive spending or large items


DON’T  open or apply for new credit

    cards (even if they offer you a great

    deal, say NO until you close)


DON’T  make out-of-the-ordinary

    large deposits (discuss with your

    lender if necessary)


DON’T  co-sign a loan for anyone no

    matter how much you love them or

    what promises they make


DON’T  buy a vehicle, even if you are

    paying cash


DON’T  lie on your application...

    because it will be caught!


DON’T  make sudden changes to your

    income or spending habits


DON’T  quit your job or go into a new

    field of work

DO  pay your credit cards on time



DO  keep your money where it is

   (changing banks requires lender



DO  keep a positive balance in all of

   your checking and savings accounts


DO  provide documents for your

   lender in a timely manner


DO  keep your loan officer's number,

   they are your source for financing


DO  get excited. This is a big moment, 

   and I am the best realtor for you!


DO  create a checklist of must-haves

   and a wish list of wants


DO  think about the future, what you

   want today and for the next five years


DO  some research on your own and

   get to know the area you want

Most homes close within 30 - 45 days.

Patience is a virtue.

Wait until you are in your home before you do any of these.

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