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Amy Brock

REALTOR® and Listing Specialist

As the Listing Specialist for our team, 75% of my time is dedicated to listing homes & serving my listing clients at the highest level possible. My goal is to spend as much time needed with you, our seller, to focus on all the details, amenities & unique features your home/property offers potential buyers. These details help me to get top dollar for your home. My Featured Listing booklet contains all the information a buyer will need when considering an offer (i.e. floor plan, additional features sheet, recent utility bills plus so much more).

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Austin Thomas

REALTOR® and Buyer Specialist

My focus is working with buyers in assisting them with finding the home of their dreams, so I‌ can make the time needed to get our buyers in to see homes currently on the market. I then‌ go to work gathering the important information & details about the homes along with providing you‌ with comps to assist you in making an offer. I provide all the required documents, negotiate to get‌ the best possible purchase price, guide our buyers through the inspections & negotiate repairs, see‌ each buyer's transaction through the closing and so much more.

As a Homeowner with a family, I understand that buying or selling a home can be nerve racking. When listing and buying my homes with a real estate agent, our agent kept all our worries at bay and made the process more enjoyable. I fell in love with that process and wanted to help others just like me!

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Haylee Hamby

REALTOR® and Buyer Specialist

My goal is to provide personalized attention and support throughout the home-buying process. I help my clients save time by identifying properties that meet their specific needs and can provide valuable insights and advice to help clients make informed decisions. Additionally, I help clients navigate the complexities of the home-buying process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

Autumn Rathman

REALTOR® and Director of Operations

Since so much attention is needed on the listing side, I assist the team with the preparation of the listing material that goes in your home. We work together to ensure our presentation is professional and accurate. Once your home is under contract, I see your transaction to the closing, making sure all the documentation is in place, reviewed and submitted to our compliance department. Our systems are amazing and get the job done. As a realtor, I want my buyers to feel at home when they walk into the house of their dreams. Understanding their needs and wants is important in order to find the perfect home made just for them. 


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